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surgical scrub suits

2020-10-10 15:16:58

There are different types of cotton, ranging in characteristics, texture, and price. This is good to know because even though you have a super comfy organic pima cotton t-shirt in your closet, it doesn't mean every piece of cotton clothing will feel like that.    

With that said, cotton is generally lightweight and breathable. It’s no wonder cotton is one of the most ubiquitous fabrics used to make clothing. But, being a natural fiber, it does have its limitations, especially when being used to make scrubs. As you well know, scrubs can take a beating. Worn during long shifts with lots of movement and the need for regular and consistent washings, the disadvantages of cotton scrubs can become clear

From the perspective of scrubs, there are 3 main cons when it comes to cotton: 
The natural fibers of cotton wear down faster than synthetic fibers, which inevitably means holes in your scrubs. This can become even more apparent if the same cotton scrubs are worn day in and day out. Simply put, cotton scrubs are not as durable as we would want our scrubs to be. 

  1. Cotton shrinks. Special care needs to be made when washing and drying cotton scrubs so that the fit is the same as the day it was purchased. Looking like you're wearing your child's clothes is just not a good look. 
  2. Cotton fabric is absorbent. That means those accidental spills take longer to dry and pit stains are certainly in the future.