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freezer jacket

2020-10-10 15:22:37

Many people who work in cold storage and other cold environments know the importance of anti-cold clothing.
A good anti-cold clothing is actually to sew the two parts of the anti-cold clothing together -- one part inside to
prevent the cold, and the other part outside to prevent the wind.The inner layer is primarily lined with a nylon lining,
followed by a key ingredient: a thin film that stabilizes and protects the insulation, and a thick layer of polyester insulation.
At this point, the insulation layer is larger than the lining -- this ensures that every part of the jacket is warm.

    Winter coat of thick outer fabric usually use nylon fabric, lining is a special kind of fabric, it has some holes,
the moisture inside the clothes can go through these holes, and can prevent the water droplets and wind penetration and corrosion
resistance of the nylon zipper is made of, the service life of the nickel plating zipper pull head is 7 times longer than ordinary zipper
head.Before this process, the workers mainly used from the inside out of the process.

    Now they're going to turn over the cold suit for final processing.These large fasteners are strong and strong,
and they lie between the fibrous materials, so that they can be used repeatedly without damaging the fabric.
The secret is the hidden insulation.It keeps the air inside the body's surface and then heats it, creating a heating
pad that protects against the cold of winter.