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Hospital uniform * scrub suit

2020-10-10 15:30:44

The hospital USES sodium hypochlorite disinfectant, commonly known as 84 disinfectant,
84 disinfectant is containing chlorine disinfectant, is a kind of highly effective disinfectant, with broad spectrum, high efficiency,
low toxicity, a strong odor, corrosive to metal, on the fabric bleaching effect, affected by organic matter is very big, the disinfectant is
unstable and other characteristics.That is to say, use the detergent for ordinary fabrics will fade, but the fabric will not yellow,
because the hospital clothing and textiles must adopt this kind of medical industry standard washing method, so the medical
clothing should choose resistance to chlorine bleaching, washing resistance, quick drying and high temperature sterilization,
antistatic, bactericidal, antibacterial, and medical clothing fabrics, inhibited the growth of the bacteria for fabrics.

Fabric texture beautiful and unique, good drape, clothing with style;The special woven structure makes the fabric feel very
flexible and slightly elastic. The well-cut clothes make the wearer feel free from constraint.Chlorine-resistant environmental
protection dye and dyeing and finishing process, no yellowing and fading, and excellent permeability;Smooth filament fiber,
no yarn, fabric is not easy to pilling, wrinkle, deformation, easy to care.
Traditional fabrics have polyester card, polyester, but these two fabrics are very obvious shortcomings, rough hand, fabric hard,
uncomfortable breathable, inelastic.The development of medical and health care today, we have higher and higher requirements
on medical clothing, hope that the quality of medical clothing can be in line with the international standards, new medical clothing
clothing fabric instead of traditional fabrics is increasingly high voice.