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Protective clothing must be used in certain environment

2020-10-23 13:05:17

With the increasingly powerful functions of robots, the working environment of robots is further deteriorating.Many robots will break down in the face of such a harsh environment, because the environment may affect the robot's surface or internal wiring, resulting in paralysis of the robot, which greatly increases the maintenance cost of enterprises.
Protective clothing is to avoid robots to meet such problems and appear, so in many robot work environment protective clothing must be used.Such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, dust, static electricity, chemicals, etc. These poor conditions, without the protection of the protective clothing robot failure is common, will greatly increase the maintenance cost of the enterprise, delay enterprise's work efficiency, in the event of failure of serious, even the maintenance to enterprise staff's personal safety, because robots are explosion may occur even burning the safe hidden trouble, in such event, the consequence is unimaginable.After the emergence of protective clothing, these problems were solved well.The strength of protective clothing is due to their selection of materials, the production of protective clothing materials must have anti-static, dust, anti-corrosion and so on can use the characteristics of the working environment of the robot, and has a good flexibility to deal with the large rotation of the robot.Protective clothing manufacturers are very strict about the quality of protective clothing, because if the quality is not passed, the protective clothing will not only play a protective role, but also cause losses.