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How to wear protective clothing?

2020-10-23 13:07:05

    Before wearing, we must ensure the suitability of the chemical protective clothing, that is, whether the protective clothing is in good condition.Check the appearance of the protective clothing to see if it is contaminated, if the seams are cracked, and if there are any holes in the clothing.For the air tightness protective clothing, to use a special air tightness detector for regular air tightness detection (every half a year), so that when the emergency wear when the protective clothing can play a role.Dressing room is an ideal place to dress, if not, in a relatively unpolluted environment.In the case of emergency rescue, dressing should be done in a cold area.Other necessary auxiliary systems such as air supply equipment, washing equipment and other necessary auxiliary systems should be in place before using chemical protective clothing.The wearing of protective clothing should follow a certain order, so as to ensure the correct and fast wearing of protective clothing, give play to the utility of protective clothing in work, and lay a foundation for the safe taking off after use.
    In general, the sequence of trouser leg -- boots -- jacket -- mask -- hat -- zipper -- glove should be followed.Finally, in order to improve the tightness of the whole system, tape can be attached to the openings (such as the lapel, cuffs, trouser opening, mask and protective suit hooded joint).In order to enhance the protection of the hands can choose to wear two layers of gloves and so on.During the whole process, try to prevent the inner layer of the protective clothing from contacting the external environment, so as to prevent the protective clothing from being contaminated in the first place.