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what is the perfect fabric for your workwear

2021-03-12 16:38:27

Finding the perfect fabric for your workwear

Here at The Uniform Outlet we answer a lot of questions about scrubs. One of the things people often wonder about is fabric. When purchasing a new pair of scrubs it’s important to know how the scrubs feel, how they will hold up over time, and how they move. Just knowing what kind of fabric your scrubs are made from can answer a lot of those questions.

Unfortunately, people often don’t know how to interpret information about fabric and fabric blends. That’s why we’re creating this handy scrubs fabric guide. After reading our guide you should have a much clearer idea of how the scrubs fabric will affect the feel of the scrubs. This expert knowledge will give you newfound confidence about what you’re adding to your online cart.

Cotton: The traditional scrubs fabric

Pure cotton is a soft, breathable, absorbant and natural choice. It’s easy to launder and takes well to ironing, which is good for sanitizing hospital garments. It’s also durable and won’t build up static electricity. Because of its many good points, cotton remains popular as a traditional choice for scrubs fabric.

However, there are some things that customers can find frustrating about 100% cotton scrubs. For one, the material wrinkles easily in the wash, and so even if you weren’t planning to iron you may have to anyway. Cheap cottons can also shrink with laundering, so make sure you’re purchasing your scrubs from a trusted provider. Any kind of cotton will also fade more quickly than synthetic fibers in the wash.