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Foreign work clothes, work clothes under cultural differences

2021-11-26 16:25:43

Work clothes models have formed their own characteristics and styles, which are affected by different national cultures, historical backgrounds, and social environments. Cultural differences are one of the main factors that cause differences in the status quo of foreign work clothes.
  The corporate culture of a country will be deeply imprinted with the national culture of the country. For example, the rigorous and realistic national culture of the Germans has shaped the scientific and rigorous corporate culture of German companies; the radical national culture of the Japanese has shaped the development and innovation of the corporate culture of Japanese companies; and the hard-working, simple and resilient national culture of the Chinese has shaped it. Chinese companies are very particular about the corporate culture of "the mean"; similarly, the United States safeguards human rights and advocates a democratic and free national culture, thus shaping the "humanized" corporate culture of American companies. From this, we can observe the differences in national industries. For example, the work clothes in the United States are characterized by high randomness, which is reflected in the characteristics of freedom in the American cultural personality. The Statue of Liberty erected on the Liberty Island west of Manhattan in New York City is the United States. Symbol of national culture. Holding a torch, she stood upright at the entrance of New York Harbor, watching the metropolis day and night, representing the lofty ideals of the American people to strive for democracy forever and yearn for freedom. In the United States, POLO SHIRT with jeans is also the choice of some company employees' work clothes. Japan, which closely follows the United States in economic terms, is very different from the United States in terms of work clothes. Japan is very particular about the dressing of work clothes. Each company and each position has its own work clothes. These work clothes have different materials, a variety of styles, novel designs, professional characteristics and a sense of fashion. They are worthy of being the "work clothes kingdom". title.
  Work clothes are special clothing that combines costume culture and corporate culture. Different managers have different requirements for work clothes. This makes its specifications and varieties differentiated. Managers of different economic status, different cultural backgrounds, different industries and units, and different age levels need different professional work clothes. Therefore, the current situation facing tooling is the need to update concepts, pay attention to the study of the customer's corporate culture, and take into account the needs of dressers at all levels.