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Tailor-made suit quality management

2021-12-03 16:28:13

 There are many differences between the process of custom-made garments and wholesale garments. The production process will take longer, the craftsmanship is cumbersome, and the quality requirements are stricter. Therefore, many white-collar workers and elites now choose tailor-made suits, because tailor-made is not only a simple tailor-made clothes, but also choose styles and fabrics according to the customer's body type and skin color, pay attention to every detail, and maintain customized quality assurance. Many tailor-made suit shops are constantly emerging, so tailor-made suits must be strictly controlled in all aspects.
  The suit processing process is generally divided into three stages: pre-production inspection, in-production inspection, and tail inspection, which are the two major steps of inspection in the production process and finished product inspection. Take customer-approved standards as the basis for direct inspection. Prior to inspection, we must pay attention to the source and strengthen the inspection of material quality, color matching, craft style, size setting, and model data before production. It is the itinerant inspection of the quality of the intermediate work, not to relax the requirements of the quality standard, and to control the problem at the time when the problem occurs. Customized suits are not uniformly crafted and standard-sized garments. Spot inspection methods cannot be used. Each set of products must be inspected. The designated color, pocket size, characteristic pocket, size of the modified part, collar shape, sleeve fork decoration, etc. must be specially tested. In the process of processing, the size of the garment length, sleeve length, bust and waist circumference, trouser length, mid-range, etc. should be measured, and the semi-finished products should be checked repeatedly. The results of the inspection can be counted and summarized in time, and the report can be analyzed and reported in a timely manner to improve the quality. Packing at the tail, ironing flat, no creases, not only the appearance of ironing, the lining and interlayer lining should be ironed flat, consistent with the appearance. For the packaging of finished products, inspect the hanging, placement and content of various signs, as well as the item number, color number and placement of the repair bag. Check the correctness of the product number, color number, and customer name.
  The forming process of tailor-made suits is complicated and the production time is relatively long. Therefore, quality and inspection must be controlled. Xi'an Yiyuan Garment guarantees the quality, and every process is strictly controlled, so that customers will receive satisfactory suits.