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Manufacturer of auto repair overalls

2021-12-03 16:29:05

Manufacturer of auto repair overalls
  With the progress of the times, all kinds of cars have already entered thousands of households, and the corresponding repair points of large and small cars are also "sprouting up" everywhere. In order to show their professionalism and standardization, most auto repair shops have their own auto repair work clothes. So what are the salient features of these auto repair work clothes?
  Operators in the auto repair industry basically repair and maintain cars every day, as well as replace auto parts, spray paint on car surfaces, etc. There are more opportunities for intimate contact between work clothes and mechanical tools. Therefore, the main features of auto repair work clothes are anti-wear (warp wear), dirt resistance (good washing), breathable and sweat-absorbent.
  And whether it is in an ordinary auto repair shop or a high-end 4S maintenance shop, these places are where cars enter and exit, and the safety of operators must be the first priority. Therefore, another important feature of auto repair work clothes is the need to add reflective strips on the work clothes, so that the reflective strips on the clothes of the auto repair workers can play a role in warning and safety protection during work.
  In addition, car owners share the same feeling. If their car accidentally scratches a piece, it will cost as little as a few hundred to several thousand yuan to repair it. In order to avoid scratching the surface of the car by the clothes of the auto mechanics at work, another feature of the auto repair work clothes is that the zipper buttons should not be exposed, and no metal accessories should be exposed outside the clothes.
  In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics, the current design of automobile maintenance work clothes also has both fashionableness and the characteristics of each company's own. If you are looking for the work clothes you like, Laizhidao Workwear is definitely the best choice!