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How to clean white work uniform

2022-01-14 17:09:22

1. Use washing powder containing bleach for cleaning, soak in washing powder water for a while, and the bleaching effect will be better.
2. If the yellowing of the work clothes is particularly serious, we can also soak the clothes with gasoline for cleaning, and then wash them with conventional laundry methods.
3. If the work clothes are pure white and there is no other color matching, we can soak in 84, and it can also have a good bleaching effect.
Fourth, acetone solution can also be used to clean the yellowed parts. Note: wear a pair of rubber gloves when using acetone
5. If there is moldy place, you can wipe the moldy place with white wine
Of course, yellowing or moldy white work clothes can be avoided. Beijing Meiyiheng work clothes manufacturer will teach you how to avoid the above situations.
1. If the work clothes are not worn, do not store them in boxes made of brown cardboard or cardboard.
2. The stored clothes should be well ventilated to prevent the clothes from getting moldy
3. Work clothes that are not worn must be cleaned and stored
Fourth, do not use heat shrinkable plastic packaging to store work clothes
Five, washing powder must be washed, because washing powder is alkaline, if it is not washed and stored, the clothes will turn yellow.
In fact, the storage of summer work clothes is very simple, as long as you pay attention to the above points.