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How to distinguish the quality of work uniform

2022-01-14 17:10:13

When enterprises customize work clothes, they don't know which work clothes manufacturer to choose. As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". If you want how much money, you can make them with whatever quality and fabric you want. Of course, good quality work clothes. more expensive. So how do we distinguish the quality of work clothes?
1. If we want to know the quality of a piece of work clothes, we must first look at the color of the work clothes, whether there is a big difference in color, and we must look at the color of the work clothes through different parts, whether the color of each part is the same standard. That kind of inferior work clothes will have a large color contrast, which does not meet our standards for selecting work clothes at all. We must look carefully when customizing or purchasing, and try to choose fabrics that do not fade.
2. When choosing custom work clothes, you also need to look at its specifications. You must choose according to the company's requirements, meet the company's standards, and implement it within the allowable range of the size standards.
3. The custom-made work clothes must be neat and tidy, which depends on its appearance. It should be flat, clean, without any thread ends, dead folds, etc., and it should meet the standard. The fabrics are also better selected, such as cotton overalls or polyester-cotton overalls, and the color, texture, shrinkage, etc. should be roughly the same, so that the internal quality and appearance quality of the overalls meet the standards.
Fourth, smell the smell. When choosing work clothes, this can also be said to be a very simple way to judge whether the work clothes are good or bad. After all, any new clothes will have a smell. By smelling the smell, you can judge whether the work clothes are made of inferior materials. Generally, work clothes made of inferior materials have a very unpleasant or even pungent odor.
5. The effect of different fabrics is different. This method depends on how the work clothes are sewn. The standard topstitching gauge is 14-18 stitches per 3 cm, and different fabrics have different stitches. It is necessary to ensure the appearance and firmness of the product. The stitches of soft-point fabrics can be denser, and the stitches of hard-point fabrics can be denser. The distance can be a little thinner.
6. Whether it is looking at a piece of clothing or any other item, if there is any imperfection, that is to see if there are any flaws in the wood. Like some work clothes, most of the workmanship is still fine, but if you look closely, you can see that some places are not spliced ​​well, there are stains, there are small holes, and the thread ends are not neat, which are all flaws.
Seven, that is, when we look at the material of work clothes, we also need to look at the accessories of work clothes. Although the accessories are small, they also play a big role. We should also pay attention to the quality of the accessories. If the quality of the accessories is not good enough, the whole work clothes will not be qualified, and will be implicated. Therefore, we must pay attention to the quality of the accessories while ensuring the material.