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Five precautions for work clothes

2022-03-11 16:50:18

1. Work clothes color

The color of the work clothes is in line with the company's own design style. Different companies and industries have different design styles. For factories such as the food 

industry and pastry, the work clothes should be brighter, such as milky white, navy blue, pink. Factories in the fields of machinery, equipment, hardware, etc. must choose work clothes with darker colors, such as indigo, dark gray, and coffee. It is generally necessary to strictly enforce the three colors, that is, no more than three colors. Generally black, blue, gray.

2.Style at the same time.

Some must be split, and some must be one-piece or special requirements.

3. Purpose

The design scheme or selection of work clothes should be based on different fields, different positions, different work content, and different genders. Therefore, 

when choosing or customizing work clothes, you must communicate with merchants or fashion designers in detail, so that the designed work clothes can be adapted to the natural 

environment at work.

4. It has the attributes of work clothes and is fashionable at the same time

The aesthetics of work clothes is mainly reflected in the integration with the company culture under the design scheme. A good work clothes can also reflect the cohesion of the 

company's cultural and artistic team, and has a positive effect on improving the company's cultural heritage and opening its brand image to the outside world. ground effect.

5. Rationality

 It is reflected in the fabric, style, shape design, and the processing technology and steps of custom work clothes. These levels are appropriate and can reasonably 

reduce the cost of custom work clothes.