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How to Clean a Business Suit

2022-06-17 16:27:29

                                                                                                                                      How to Clean a Business Suit


1. When the suit is not worn, it is best to hang it with a hanger suitable for the shoulder width and slope of the suit. After wearing, use a soft brush to gently brush off the dust to keep the suit fabric clean.

2. After the suit is wet with water, immediately dry it with a clean towel, then cover it with a clean white cloth and iron it. After the suit is stained with oil, it can be scrubbed with cotton wool dipped in

gasoline, and the scrubbing surface should be larger. After wiping off the oil stains, use a dry towel or dry cloth to gently dry the traces left by gasoline, and then cover it with a clean damp white cloth for 

ironing. When ironing, control the temperature and keep moving the iron to prevent damage to the fabric and aurora.

3. After the suit is dirty, it is not suitable to wash with water or washing machine. Dry cleaning should be used to maintain the prototype of the suit. Simple suits, including those sewn from yarn-dyed mid-length wool-like or acrylic wool-like wool, can be washed with water. But pay attention to the method when washing, it is best to soak an appropriate amount of soap flakes in warm water and soak the clothes. After soaking, rub a little, rinse with water, hang it in the shade on a hanger, and iron the clothes flat after drying.