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Liu Haoran, the global brand spokesperson of Pathfinder

2022-09-06 20:07:34

On September 1, Pathfinder officially announced Liu Haoran as the global face of its brand. Liu Haoran love interpretation of the pathfinder 2022 autumn and winter series advertising at the same time online broadcast!

China's first outdoor brand and the strength of the actor strong alliance, jointly interpret the pathfinder "brave to explore" brand spirit. The Polar Guardian, gone wild, shining with focus! Strong and strong together, two-way empowerment, together to explore the wonders of nature!

Strength actor × China's first outdoor brand

The spokesperson represents the brand's position in the industry. As a leading brand in China's outdoor industry, Pathfinder chooses the powerful actor Liu Haoran as its spokesperson, which not only highlights the hard power of Pathfinder, but also expresses the determination of Pathfinder to open a new chapter of the brand and build a new brand image. Under the support of Liu Haoran's super fashion expression, Pathfinder is destined to become the indicator of 2022 autumn and winter outdoor wear.

Pathfinder's new autumn and winter 2022 products are Liu Haoran's Auroral series, including Auroral jackets and full overshoes. The Aurora Blazer is a purple color filled with the mystery of outer space. It blends in with nature and symbolizes the fascinating polar world. It is ideal for outdoor players who are obsessed with the level of appearance. The polar bionic technology independently developed by Pathfinder is applied to the material of Aurora stormjacket, which breaks the stereotypical design style of traditional outdoor leisure equipment, opens a new trend of urban outdoor, and leads the urban pathfinder to explore the wonders of nature together.

The Polar Guardian is here for you

As a leading outdoor brand in China, Pathfinder has been continuously improving its research and development level in the 23 years of brand development. It has successively undertaken national projects such as China South (North) Pole Expedition team, Qomolangma elevation survey team, Shenzhou 12, Shenzhou 13 and Shenzhou 14 manned space flight, and provided clothing and equipment support. Moreover, it has taken the lead in establishing the "Polar bionic Science and Technology platform", which is the domestic leading and fully independent intellectual property rights. At present, there are 26 national industry standards formulated by pathfinder participation, such a level of research and development in both domestic and international, are in a leading position. According to the 2021 annual report, Pathfinder is generous in R&D investment, R&D income ratio reached 3.52%, in the outdoor field in the leading position.

Pathfinder is not only committed to creating high-quality outdoor experience for urban outdoor players, but also helps consumers to challenge the limits in multiple scenes, create a multi-faceted self, and protect every enthusiastic courage!

It is reported that the same Aurora series products of Pathfinder Liu Haoran have now landed in stores across the country and online platforms such as Tmall and, giving you a warm guardian full of courage in this autumn and winter! We sincerely invite consumers to explore nature together and enjoy the new outdoor experience of vitality!