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How to Do Personal Protection for Electric Welders

2023-03-31 09:38:00

How to Do Personal Protection for Electric Welders


During welding, common hazards include arc radiation, toxic gases, smoke, high temperature burns, and strong noise. Analyze hazardous factors, and safety protection experts will introduce welding protective equipment one by one in the order of personal protective equipment from top to bottom:




Eye and face protection: mainly for protection against arc radiation (welding radiation mainly includes ultraviolet, infrared, and visible light). Protective products include welding goggles (such as 3M 10197 welding goggles, honeywell 1008111 anti fog welding goggles), automatic dimming welding masks (such as 3M Speedglas 9002D welding masks,)




Respiratory protection: mainly for the protection of toxic gases and smoke. Toxic gases mainly include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen fluoride, ozone, etc; Toxic smoke and dust include iron oxide, manganese oxide, silicon dioxide, and fluoride, and the more toxic type is manganese poisoning. Protective products include welding masks (such as the 3M 8515 welding mask, the 3M 8514 welding protective mask), gas masks (such as the 3M 3200 dust and gas combination, the 3M 6200 dust and gas combination, and the Mesian gas mask), long tube respirators (such as the dehsm long tube respirator, the 3M S series long tube respirator), and electric air supply respirators (such as the 3M jupiter electric air supply respirator).




3. Hand protection: mainly for protection against high-temperature burns. It is recommended to wear welding gloves (such as Bacou 2012847 welding gloves, Delta 205515 welding gloves), high-temperature resistant gloves (such as Bacou 2280673 high-temperature resistant gloves), etc.




4. Body protection: mainly high temperature burns and electric arc injuries. Protective products include welding protective work clothing (such as Lexland Flyrban flame-retardant clothing, Delta 405336 flame-retardant clothing), welding aprons, etc.




5. Hearing protection: The main welding noises include plasma cutting and plasma spraying. You can use anti noise earplugs (such as 3M 1110 earplugs, 3M 1270 wired earplugs), anti noise earplugs (3M H7A headband earplugs, 3M H10A headband earplugs), and other protections.




6. Foot protection: Damage caused by high-temperature particles such as sparks during welding. Protective products include: safety shoes (Bagou BC0919701 safety shoes, Honeywell SP2012201 safety shoes, Delta 301102 low top safety shoes).




There are many pollution factors in the welding environment. In addition to providing personal welding protective equipment, comprehensive improvement and management from pollution sources and transmission routes are also required. Enterprises need to establish and improve management and monitoring mechanisms based on their actual production needs and production characteristics, so as to truly protect the safety of operators.




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