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Shanghai Zhengxing Clothing Co., LTD. has strong production of uniform experience, good faith shanber honest business philosophy, more than by quality based on the market, excellent service to win the trust of the market, the price to the market to profit. The products have been to 5 continents, more than 60 countries, and the establishment of friendly relations and cooperation with the 16 world top 500 enterprises, including the world's top luxury cars Rolls-Royce coverall, occupation.


Guangzhou TOYOTA Lenovo Kadanhuang uniform overalls; electronic protective clothing; Johnson because love is born the doctor brush hand clothing; Qu Cheng's dusters. And scope: uniforms, security uniforms, promotional clothing, environmental protection clothes, cleaning clothes, hats, uniforms, uniforms, medical service, surgical clothes, work clothes Shanghai Zhengxing apparel Co. Ltd. to provide customers with fabric, are the industry standard specifications, no pilling, no color, no shrink; wash, durable strong resistance, fastness, is the preferred material for enterprises, the material can be tested. Shanghai Zhengxing apparel Co. Ltd. in cooperation with the elite from all walks of life at home and abroad, the spirit like his lover like in customer service, quality of service and efficiency, three in one Zhengxing apparel development, get the elite from various circles at home and abroad. Shanghai Zhengxing apparel Co. Ltd is located in Shanghai City, 666 Huajiang Road No. 19, building 2, building 2, was founded in 2004.