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What determines the price of customized tooling products?

2024-04-24 09:05:46

What determines the price of customized tooling products?


Whether it's fashion or workwear, we often encounter the same problem when purchasing: why is there a significant price difference between custom-made clothing and mass-produced workwear in the same style and appearance, whether on e-commerce platforms or offline markets?


Under the same style, the fabric is the primary factor affecting the price. So some manufacturers steal fabrics, substitute inferior ones, and replace fabrics with similar yarn count and weight, which may not be detected by professionals. The second aspect is to reduce the fabric craftsmanship, such as using full craftsmanship instead of half craftsmanship, which is difficult for non professionals to notice. The third aspect is the difference in fabric composition, such as T/C 65/35 and T/C 80/20 for polyester and cotton, which are difficult to distinguish solely based on hand feel. The fourth aspect is post-processing, which requires washing without washing to reduce costs.


There are some low-quality work clothes that companies purchase at a relatively low price, or even though the price is not cheap, they not only have sparse needle spacing when producing work clothes, but also many places where they should be stitched back are not stitched. After the customer receives the goods and sends them to the employees for wearing, it is not long before there is a risk of partial seam tearing at the seams.


Customized work clothes are generally used for wearing during work, and strictly speaking, the quality of workmanship should be more important than ordinary clothes in terms of firmness and sturdiness. Manufacturers of customized work clothes should pay special attention to some areas that may be prone to seam opening during production, such as the armpit clip of the top and the mid range seam of the pants, which must be reinforced with a "reverse stitch" sewing method to prevent the occurrence of seam opening and tearing during wearing and use.


So when purchasing work clothes, enterprises cannot blindly consider the low cost. Purchasing work clothes should still choose the quality reasonably according to work needs, and not blindly pursue low prices! After all, you get what you pay for. Cong Clothing has been committed to customizing high-end work clothes and professional attire since its establishment. The design sense of high-end clothing and the wearing experience brought to employees by high-end fabrics are absolutely different. This has an immeasurable impact on both employee motivation and corporate culture construction.