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Definition and safety requirements of occupational protective work wear in China

2023-03-24 09:26:09

The definition of occupational protective work wear in China should include the following aspects:work wear and unifrom that can prevent or mitigate accident injuries or occupational hazards;workwear and uniform that can improve the working environment, regulate the internal and external environment of the human body, and create a good working atmosphere and pleasant mood;Uniform and apparel that can demonstrate corporate culture and image.

Basic Requirements for Occupational Protective work wear The basic requirements for protective workwear are in accordance with Chinese national standards and the standards of the Ministry of Labor. The content is roughly as follows.

1. The live working shielding device is suitable for protecting the human body from high-voltage electric fields and electromagnetic waves when conducting live working on high-voltage equipment with a voltage of 500 kV or less in the electric power industry.          A shielding device made of uniformly distributed conductive materials and shielding fabrics such as fibers can form an equipotential shielding surface at various parts of the human body's exterior in high electric fields, protecting the human body from high-voltage electric fields and electromagnetic waves.

2. Flame retardant protective work wear is suitable for use in industrial furnaces, metal processing, welding, chemical, petroleum, and other places, when engaged in open flames or emitting sparks or operating near molten metal, as well as when working in places with combustible materials and a risk of ignition, to reduce the risk of fire hazards to the human body due to the burning of workwear. After receiving flame and hot objects directly, it can slow down the spread of flame through work wear and form a carbonized insulation layer to protect human safety and health.

3. Anti static work clothes use anti static fabric as the fabric, which can prevent the accumulation of static electricity in the clothes. An anti static fabric is a fabric that is woven by mixing electrically conductive fibers, antistatic synthetic fibers, or both at approximately equal intervals or evenly.

4. Labor protective work wear: workwear that can protect against ordinary injuries and dirt. It utilizes the properties of the fabric itself and PU and PV coating treatment to achieve general protective properties such as cold, rain, and dirt resistance.

5. Welding protective work wear is made of fabric, leather, or fabric fabrics made by coating or spraying, using a special sewing process. It has considerable requirements for flame retardance, metal droplet impact resistance, and electrical resistance. In addition, there are various industries' own standards for protective work wear, such as labor protection raincoats, forest friendly fireproof work wear, labor protection down jacket, radiation protection work wear below 100Kv, and so on.

6. The oil and water repellent protective work wear has a fabric facing finish that allows the fabric surface of the protective work wear to repel and distance oil and water based liquid media, thereby achieving comfort without facing air and effectively resisting the erosion of such liquids on underwear and the human body. It can be divided into two types of oil and water resistant protective work wear in winter and summer.