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Requirements for hotel uniform customization

2022-03-08 13:39:09

Requirements for hotel uniform customization

 With the development of society, when all kinds of hotels emerge in an endless stream, the service and image of the hotel become more and more important. The most important performance is uniform dress. However, there are some differences between hotel work clothes and work clothes in other industries. The editor of professional work clothes will analyze it for you today:

1. The design is atmospheric and simplified

Nowadays, more and more people like simplicity and generosity, and they don't like fancy colors, especially hotel work clothes. Therefore, red tape is omitted in the details of work clothes. However, work clothes can be simple but not too simplistic. Refined decoration is indispensable without too much modification. Hotel work clothes should give people a simple, atmospheric and warm feeling.

2. Unified style

With the continuous development of the hotel industry, hotel styles are different, and each hotel has its own uniqueness, so customization around the theme and style of the hotel will become a major trend.

3. Practicalization and Diversification

Nowadays, people like to pursue personalization and practicality, so necessary improvement and innovation are carried out from the design technology level and service level, so that hotel staff can be comfortable and easy to work when wearing. At the same time, breaking the single design, the diversified design will make the hotel work clothes more "soul".

4. Design fashion

How to make employees like to wear "work clothes", then we must start with the design, apply modern fashion elements to the design of hotel work clothes, and break the characteristics of sticking to the old rules in the past.